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Targeted EMail for Manufacturers & Distributors

Create compelling, high-performance B2B email campaigns to generate more leads with a global audience of buyers, manufacturers and distributors.

The Targeted EMail



The Targeted Email is a customized email that is sent to active buyers in your specific category and market. It includes a “call-to-action” button which incites buyers to visit your website.

The Targeted Email is a focused, unique message that powerfully communicates and motivates buyers to respond to a product advantage, promotion or event.

The Targeted EMail - Business blog

We use a catchy click prompt called a “call-to-action” to give your communication actionable value:

  • Increase traffic to your site
  • Launch a new product
  • Announce presence at an event or trade show
  • A special promotion or invitation

And, for even better results, you can add the following to your targeted email service:

  • Additional language(s)
  • Custom graphic design
  • Editorial content creation
A Strong E-Reputation - Business blog

A Strong E-Reputation

Ensures that your message will NOT go into spam

Total Exclusivity - Business blog

Total Exclusivity

You are the only brand communicating, giving you a head start on your competitors

Capture Interest - Business blog

Capture Interest

With strong visuals and a carefully chosen verbal hook

Real, Relevant Contacts - Business blog

Real, Relevant Contacts

Sent to our database of addresses confirmed up to 6 months prior and targeted by product, country and language

Unique Timing - Business blog

Unique Timing

Your message will be the only targeted email sent during a 30 day period (it’s more of an EVENT than a simple advertisement)

See Results - Business blog

See Results

Detailed open rate and click-through rate stats so you can evaluate the success for yourself

Livre blanc - Business blog

Look no further for successful Digital Marketing strategies!

Along with the top marketing & sales teams in the manufacturing world, jump on the sales enablement bandwagon!

We’ve compiled actionable insights into strategies that engage prospects at every stage of the buying cycle.




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Alexey Baranov

Export Director


ArchiExpo has brought us much more than we were looking for. By working with their teams, we've been able to create a real communication and marketing strategy that allows us to achieve our visibility and lead creation goals.

Laura Dardenne

Dialogue Leader

Twin disc

We’ve been working with NauticExpo for six years now and are extremely satisfied with the results. There’s no doubt in my mind that TwinDisc will continue to collaborate with NauticExpo in the future.

Stéphane Jacquemond

VP Marine Sales & Marketing EMEA

Targeted EMail FAQs

The answers to all your questions about B2B Targeted EMail :

What strategy to adopt in B2B mailing to target your audience?

Targeting is a determining element when setting up an email campaign. It is essential to address the right targets with an adapted message to optimize the open and conversion rates. One of the most interesting targeting criteria concerns the available demographic data. A segmentation of the prospects in the database can be done according to the gender, age or profession. It is essential here to prepare emails adapted to each category, with personalized content relevant to each target.

How to outsource your B2B email campaigns?

More and more companies that regularly run email campaigns are refining their strategy by combining internal and external resources. Time saving and efficient, outsourcing consists in using service providers with large databases that can be used in B2B. Not all B2B companies have this type of resource at their disposal, especially SMEs and VSEs. It is therefore essential in this case to obtain accurate data that will serve as a basis for future marketing campaigns.

A company that rents out databases is very useful in this respect. It allows you to count on new active addresses that can be transformed into leads after a successful operation. An email campaign manager can also be contacted to set up this process from A to Z. When a company does not have the internal know-how in this field, outsourcing a campaign is definitely the best strategy.

Why choose an external manager for your B2B email campaign?

Not all companies have the time or resources to build up a relevant database for email marketing purposes. Renting an up-to-date database offers a reliable set of information to set up an efficient B2B strategy. Professionals in the sector are able to offer a very comprehensive data package including several hundred thousand addresses. By using an external campaign manager, a campaign can also achieve high standards in terms of deliverability and open rates.

Outsourcing a campaign is also a relevant way to achieve high precision targeting ensuring better results. A trustworthy company can take care of the entire process, from the creation of the email marketing to its routing. More qualitative messages are a definite asset in order to achieve better overall performance. Lead generation is essential for turning prospects into customers.

How to measure the audience of a B2B email campaign?

An effective marketing strategy can be measured once the emails have been sent to the predefined targets. With the right tools, you will know if an action has been successful. We can distinguish 9 performance indicators based on the behavior of the recipients. These are the completion rate, the open rate, the click rate, the reactivity rate, the conversion rate, the bounce rate, the unsubscribe rate, the deliverability rate and the complaint rate.

For each indicator, an external manager can provide you with the calculation details, explain the results obtained and give you advice on how to improve the performance of your next campaigns.

What are the trends in B2B mail marketing in 2022?

Choosing the right strategy is essential for successful email campaigns. In 2022, a few trends are emerging in the prospecting methods used by companies for customer loyalty. Professionals are now choosing a combined approach, mixing emails with another communication channel. The most relevant formula to increase the visibility of a website is to link email and catalog. The optimization of emails is also planned for an ideal display on smartphones allowing great flexibility in the time slots for consulting emails. Lastly, the personalization of messages is considered a necessity to retain the attention of the contacted prospects.

Why is B2B email marketing an essential strategy in 2022?

Recent studies have shown that email marketing remains the best customer acquisition channel for generating leads and obtaining new orders. With an adapted strategy and a good targeting, the email marketing can be used in B2B to reach professionals who already have a purchase project but also to gain notoriety with potential buyers. This approach has proven to be really efficient, especially if segmentation work is done beforehand with a specialized manager.

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