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Video Marketing for B2B Products

Showcase your products from every angle with video and attract professional buyers.

Harness the Power of Product Videos to Convince Professional Buyers

Why is it important?

Today videos count for 82% of online traffic. It has become an essential channel for anyone selling their products, which means this should be a key part of your online strategy.  

Videos have a more immediate impact on your audience than long textual descriptions. They attract attention and help customers understand the added value of your products. Videos can be shared on various channels such as marketplaces, your own website or, of course, social media.

Video marketing for B2B allows you to reassure customers, increase brand awareness, generate interest in your products and drive sales.

Reveal the True Value of Your Products

Attract Attention With a Multi-Channel Strategy

Compared to other types of content, such as images and text, video comes out on top.  When it comes to gaining visibility and increasing engagement (engagement rates, click-through rates, conversion rates), video is the ultimate marketing tool.

Our product video offer includes the co-creation of your video (we will put together a script with you and provide you with a professional cameraman who will film and edit) and the distribution of your video on several channels. Not only will we help you create an HD video of your products, but we will make sure it gets seen on the right channels such as our marketplace, your website, YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to reach more professional buyers.

Share Your Products With the World

94% of video marketers say video has helped improve user understanding of their product or service.

How? By combining the impact of images, the authority of text and the effect of audio, video has the power to share a lot of information in a very effective way. 

The 2-3-minute video we will create will help you tell the story of your product, give context and inspire interest by providing customers with content that speaks to them. With English subtitles, our videos are adapted to the requirements and expectations of an international audience.

Promote Your B2B Brand by Building Trust

With our product video service, we ensure that prospects discover your brand and explore your products thoroughly before making an important purchasing decision. 

Video is a unique medium in its ability to connect with audiences and inspire trust. Relevant video content shows:

  • that you care about providing a high-quality experience for your customers.
  • that you want to establish a deeper connection with your audience and give a more authentic image of your company and the people it is made up of.

This format will increase your brand’s reputation and credibility while showing that you are on the cutting edge of customer experience.

Prolong Your Visibility and Be Remembered by Buyers

Exhibiting your products and services is one thing. Ensuring that this visibility lasts and that your target audience remembers your brand is another.

While a trade show generally only lasts a few days, a video lasts as long as you want it to. By publishing your product video on several channels, it allows you to keep a live showcase of your product’s advantages from every angle and remain present in buyers’ minds.

Service Details

Trade Show Interview*

We will interview you directly with a cameraman at the tradeshow.

Product Video

2-3 minutes of full HD video promoting your products with music and subtitles.

International Publication

Your video will be published on our YouTube channel, newsletter, your company page…

Social Media Campaign

Get pushed visibility on mainstream social networks and reach close to a million followers.

*Eligible Trade shows: HANNOVER, MEDICA, BIG 5, Arab Health, FIME, Bauma and more to come.

Benefit From Multi-Channel Exposure for Your Products

Let’s create your video together!

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What are the mainstream video platforms for B2B?

Some of the main video platforms for B2B include LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok. The advantage of LinkedIn is that it’s a network for professionals, allowing you to connect with networks of specialists in your industry. Facebook is an international giant and a great way to get your product videos seen. While it might have started out more B2C, today 91% of B2B marketers are using the platform. YouTube is of course synonymous with online videos today. As the second biggest social media platform out there, its advantage is that it is specialized in videos. If someone is searching for a product video, chances are the first place they will look will be YouTube, which means you want your videos to be on there. Instagram is a platform of influencers and is one of the best ways to encourage engagement and connect your brand to its followers. It is also adapted for visual content and makes sharing videos easy and user-friendly. Twitter may not have as many users as some of the other platforms for B2B videos, but the Twitter users are very active. Use of hashtags and the 280-character limit keep messages direct and to the point, getting users to the content they are interested in.  Last but not least is of course TikTok. TikTok is another platform specifically designed for sharing video content.  While it has a lot of varied content, each users’ “For You” page is adapted to content they are susceptible to like based on previous interactions. So anyone who has looked at product pages similar to yours might be suggested your product video.

What are the advantages of promoting your B2B brand and product by video?

Promoting your B2B brand through video can have several advantages. One is increased engagement: Videos can grab the attention of viewers more easily than text or images, which can lead to higher engagement and better content retention. Another benefit is increased website traffic. Videos can be used to drive traffic to a website,  which can generate leads. Video marketing is also cost-effective as videos can be created for a relatively low cost and shared on multiple platforms and channels, making them an efficient way to reach a broader audience. Videos allow for great customization as you can show the personal side of a company, behind the scenes footage, employee interviews and customer testimonials. These  can help to build trust. They also allow you to showcase the product or  services in action, which can help potential customers understand how they can benefit from using them. Video results are measurable: they can easily be tracked and analyzed, providing data on audience engagement, reach and conversion. This can help you refine and optimize your video marketing strategy.

Is short video + social media the future trend for B2B marketing?

Short videos and social media can be a powerful combination for B2B marketing. Short videos are easy to share on social media platforms and are an effective way to capture audience attention and drive engagement.

Short videos are more shareable and more likely to be watched than longer videos, making them a great way to increase reach and visibility. They are also more suitable for mobile viewing, which is important as more and more people are accessing social media on their mobile devices.

Short videos can be used to share information about products, services and thought leadership in a way that is both engaging and easy to understand. They can also be used to drive traffic to a website or landing page, which can generate leads.

While it's hard to predict the future, it's safe to say that video marketing and social media will continue to be an important part of B2B marketing strategy, and the trend of short videos on social media will likely continue to grow.

When creating a B2B video marketing strategy, what are the most important elements?

When creating video marketing content, there are several elements that are important to include to ensure that the video is effective and resonates with the target audience. The first one is storytelling. This means having a strong storyline or narrative that is engaging and captures the viewer's attention. Next is the script.  A well-written script is clear, concise and easy to understand. This is important for delivering the message effectively. High-quality visuals that are appealing and relevant to the message being conveyed are also very important. This goes hand in hand with the quality of your audio. Clear and professional audio quality is important for keeping the viewer engaged and ensuring that the message is heard loud and clear. Incorporating branding elements such as the company's logo, colors, and messaging can help to increase brand awareness and recognition. It is important to include a clear call-to-action button that tells the viewer what to do next, such as visiting a website or contacting the company. Optimizing the video for different platforms and devices, as well as for search engines, can increase its reach and visibility. Tracking and analyzing the video’s performance, such as the number of views, engagement and conversion, you make your video marketing strategy more efficient.

What are the main things to pay attention to when doing video marketing on foreign markets?

If you want to promote your exports by using video marketing on foreign markets, there are a number of steps to take into account. You must clearly define the goals of your video marketing strategy, such as increasing brand awareness, generating leads or driving sales. It’s also important to research the market. This means understanding the culture and language of your target market, as well as the types of video content that they may engage with. You’ll then want to develop a content plan that includes the types of videos, themes, timelines and budgets. You can of course entrust all of this to a professional who already has international experience with the foreign markets you are looking to branch out into. This will help you save time and showcase the key benefits of your product as well as its unique selling points in the video.