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VirtualExpo's marketplaces have established an active community of social media followers around the world in their specific fields.

Our posts focus on high-interest products, projects and industry-specific events. They consist of visually attractive photos or videos with a short text that incites followers to discover the full story on your stand.



Reason #1

Collaboration is at the heart of this campaign. Without it, the results won’t live up to your expectations. We work hand in hand with you to support your efforts and make sure we are in line with YOUR current communication strategy.

The goal of this approach is to make your brand visible on our different pages (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram) so that it is associated with our brand’s reputation. This way, our followers, who are used to seeing quality products displayed on our pages, will naturally interact with you through our posts.



Reason #2

As you have more than likely noticed, your competitors are very active on social media. They share their news and promote their product launches using native formats such as videos and short animations. They are also very fond of collaborations and co-branding and trust us to help them promote their brands. On our marketplaces, we help you position your brand among the top industry players and take advantage of a community in search of news and trends.



Reason #3

At VirtualExpo, we have been building a community of enthusiasts and professionals from around the world for the past decade. This audience means our posts are guaranteed wide distribution and increased visibility. A curated post, made at the right time and aimed at the right people, will allow you to reach your target audience and achieve the results you are looking for. By mentioning your page (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) in our posts, we give your future prospects the opportunity to get in contact with you directly.

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Reason #4

As you are a customer of ours, you already benefit from a wide range of services and media that give your campaigns greater visibility and impact. It’s this proximity that allows us to directly offer you promotions on our social media that are adapted to your needs.

Are you launching a targeted email campaign? Thanks to all the visual and textual elements at our disposal, we can combine this campaign with a promotion on our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn pages. You’ll reach a larger audience for less!


Reason #5

Your satisfaction is at the heart of our strategy. We develop services that meet your needs, without you having to spend thousands of euros. Each service ordered entitles you to one or more promotional campaigns on our social media, ensuring your visibility with our audience.




Using the MedicalExpo marketplace, I managed to reach up to 30 countries (in Europe and America) in 12 months, in spite of the pandemic. MedicalExpo is the best way to save time, effort and costs, and to find the right clients internationally.

Alexey Baranov

Export Director


ArchiExpo has brought us much more than we were looking for. By working with their teams, we've been able to create a real communication and marketing strategy that allows us to achieve our visibility and lead creation goals.

Laura Dardenne

Dialogue Leader

Twin disc

We’ve been working with NauticExpo for six years now and are extremely satisfied with the results. There’s no doubt in my mind that TwinDisc will continue to collaborate with NauticExpo in the future.

Stéphane Jacquemond

VP Marine Sales & Marketing EMEA

social media FAQs

All the answers to your B2B social media questions

B2B social media: what does it mean?

B2B social media refers to the various social networks that can be used not by individuals but by companies. These communication channels are used to spread messages, redirect to a website or generate leads. Presence on social networks is essential for companies. Any communication strategy today takes into account the social media component to deliver the messages and values of a given company in a direct way.

When we talk about the B2B social media approach, we are essentially talking about 3 or 4 social networks that are interesting for professionals. It is necessary for companies to position themselves on LinkedIn: this leading platform for business activity alone generates 80% of the B2B leads from social networks. For market watch and content curation, Twitter is the other essential site. Facebook, with its large number of active users, is useful for public visibility and targeted advertising campaigns.

Which B2B social media strategy to choose to target your audience?

Several techniques can be developed for companies to be effective on their social networks. Each platform attracts a certain type of potential prospects, so it is important to target your communication strategy for the networks you want to be present on. Social media can be used for social selling, which consists in conducting a process of listening to and searching for contacts. The information available, especially on LinkedIn, is useful to learn more about the people you want to contact.

To carry out an inbound marketing strategy, companies generally turn to YouTube first. Videos can be used in a very effective way to convey messages, develop storytelling and allow people to identify with a brand. Videos can then be relayed on other social network accounts. Lastly, a site like Instagram can be strategic to target a younger audience.

How to outsource your B2B social media strategy?

It is up to each company to determine whether the management of social media is possible internally or if it should be entrusted to an agency or service provider. It is important to be aware of the time-consuming nature of this mission and the importance of using the right tone on each platform. More and more companies are choosing to work with a specialized service provider who manages all of a brand's social networks as a community manager. An external solution allows you to monitor and animate an account 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. A service provider also knows in detail how each platform works and will be able to provide adapted content to obtain the desired reactions from the audience.

Why use a third party for your B2B social media strategy?

Due to lack of time or lack of internal resources, not all companies can manage their social networks themselves. By using a service provider, they can be sure that their communication and e-reputation will be controlled by a specialized company. Other advantages of outsourcing include the creation of relevant content fully in line with an inbound marketing approach, development of the customer relationship and the acquisition of leads through targeted creative messages.

How to measure your B2B social media audience?

In order to know the effectiveness of a communication strategy on social networks, it is essential to take the time to see the return on investment. However, it can be difficult for companies to really judge the performance of their publications on social networks. An external provider can use precise statistical tools or a method such as closed-loop analysis to determine the effectiveness of communication on these channels. Engagement, conversion and traffic to a site after a post is made are good indicators.

Why is B2B social media essential in 2022?

It would be a big mistake to ignore social media in a company's communication strategy. Studies have shown that two thirds of the companies present on LinkedIn have already gained customers through this channel. Among professionals, over 40% use this platform to get information before making a B2B purchase. Twitter and Facebook are also becoming important drivers for sharing content online.

An example of B2B social media management by VirtualExpo Group

Joining a marketplace can strengthen a company's presence on social networks. VirtualExpo Group has set up several thematic marketplaces to meet the needs of companies. Each of them has its own social media account to relay news and products from different sellers.

This is the case with MedicalExpo, the medical equipment marketplace, present on Facebook since 2012. With over 185,000 subscribers on this platform, it promotes the companies that have joined the marketplace every day. New products are highlighted with a large photo, a short presentation for more impact and a direct link to the corresponding product page on the marketplace.

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