Artist, curator, theorist, educator, essayist and systems analyst of contemporary art. Born in Kiev. Received Master of Computer Science diploma from the Institute of Applied Systems Analysis of the National Technical University of Ukraine (NTUU «KPI»). Since the beginning of 00’s works in software engineering companies and travels frequently. During the long-term stay in New York (2010-2011), becomes acquainted with contemporary art and begins to study its theory and history independently using Yale Open University publications. His first artistic projects are conceived in US («American Dream», «C.A.P.T.C.H.A.», «Chelsea»). Upon his return to Ukraine, launches Singulart, a non-profit artistic and educational initiative, which mission is to promote artistic self-awareness and gradual integration into the European and global context. In Ukraine, his artistic activity receives a continuation. Alexey works with categories and topics such as time, place, politics of choice, as well as the internet/post-internet conditions and institutional critique. He actively co-operates with young artists as a curator. Sporadically writes on art matters. In 2016, he reviewed collected writings of the prominent Ukrainian modernist painter Tiberiy Szilvashi. Lives and works in Kyiv.

Curriculum Vitae

Group shows:

2016 – “Recipe for Utopia” (Modern Art Research Institute) see e-catalogue

2017 – “Mechanism of Evolution” (Modern Art Research Institute)

2018 – “ICONS/MEDIUM” (project by Kyiv Non Objective, Mikhail Bulgakov Museum)

Solo projects:

2013 — «From within» (Dreams Museum, Kyiv; Da Sein, Donetsk)

2014 — «Rorschach roots» (Singulart, Kyiv)

2015 — «Fragments» (Pavlo Tychyna Museum, Kyiv)

2016 — «Seven hits» (Singulart, Kyiv)

2016 — «American Dream, ep.1» (Singulart, Kyiv)

2016 — «American Dream, ep.1» (Singulart, Kyiv)

2016 — «Relevance» (Singulart, Kyiv Kyiv)

2016 — «Colgate. Construction work» (Singulart, Київ)

2017 — “Intervals. A commentary for the Oleksandr Hnylyzkyj retrospective” (Singulart, Kyiv)

2018 — “Uncertain exhibition” (Singulart, Kyiv)

2018 — “Adverbial modifiers of time. Adverbial modifiers of place” (Singulart, Kyiv)

Curatorial projects:

2018 – «Naphthalene» (Kyiv History Museum)

2018 – “ICONS/MEDIUM” (project by Kyiv Non Objective, Mikhail Bulgakov Museum, co-curator)

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